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Karl Kandt- Nature Lover

Karl Kandt is very down to earth in his personal life. He loves children and is making great efforts for the good and efficient upbringing of children. Apart from that he is very much in love with nature. He often goes to places where peace and greenery is everywhere. He himself has planted a lot of plants in his garden and backyard. He keeps an eye on his plants and takes a proper care of them. He is very kind hearted person.

Nature Lover

He also teaches his children how to plant trees and take a good care of them. One can see a lot of greenery in the backyard and kitchen garden of his house. He is also running an NGO related to environment conservation. He is playing a very important role in maintaining greenery and conserving nature in his locality. People like him are boon to society. If everybody will start taking their responsibilities about conserving nature this much seriously then nobody can harm our nature. Karl Kandt is really a very nice man and is an example to society.



Taxis Cabs around the World

Taxis Cabs around the World1
In today’s time, taxicabs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are a vital link between destinations in most modern cities. Having started operating in most places from the beginning of the 20th century, they became a part of the urban landscape by the middle of the century. Indeed, today, wherever you are in the world, it’s hard to imagine life without taxis. The first taxi in the world was built in 1897 by Ottilie Wilhelm Daimler.
United States Taxi
New York City’s first taxicab firm was the Electric Carriage and Wagon Company, which started in 1897. But, it was shut down after a devastating fire in 1907 that destroyed a majority of its vehicles. However, by next year through the initiative of Harry N. Allen, another firm — the New York Taxicab Company — had 700 running cabs in the city. Imported from France, they were painted yellow. A great city’s love affair with taxicabs had started.
Today, New York has more than 13,000 cabs and they come in two colors: green and yellow. A large percentage of cabbies are from the Indian subcontinent.if you want more detail so visit this site
EnglandEngland Taxi
England’s taxis have a glorious history and can be traced back to the 17th century hackney carriage, which was driven by horsepower of the animal kind. In the twentieth century, the iconic black cab became London’s standard taxi. Getting to be a cab driver in London is not easy.”UK Taxi Service Offer Cheap Taxi Quotes. We Provide  Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, City Airport, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool Taxis.

Germany Taxi
The taxi industry is heavily regulated in Germany. Chances of finding a cab at a designated stand are better than flagging one randomly. But, given Germany’s amazing roads, it’s a very fast and efficient means of getting around. Taxis are often cream-colored and include many Audis and Mercedes.

Russia Taxi images
The private cars that double up as taxis are sometimes called ‘gypsy cabs’, and they far outnumber the official ones. Luxury taxicabs facility is also available in Russia such as Tex hart Magnums (based on Porsche Cayenne’s) and Stomachs.

China Taxi
Hiring a cab in most major Chinese cities is generally a hassle-free experience and relatively inexpensive.  Which has more than 65,000 cabs, drivers are known to understand a bit of English. Even small villages and towns have taxicabs services.

Indian Taxi
Traditionally, the good old Hindustan Ambassador and Premier Pad-mini (Fiat) were the standard Indian cabs. Indian Taxi drivers tend to understand basic English, but foreign tourists have to be especially careful about the fare, as being taken for a ride of the wrong kind is not uncommon.

My Introduction

My name is Manish Mohan Parth. I belong to Bihar. I completed my schooling from High School Dehri On Son, Patna. After that, I completed my secondary school and got first division. My mother asked me to take admission in engineering and i joined GGS College, Chandigarh. I felt on top of the world!!

MM ParthWhen I came to Punjab for the first time for admission in engineering, I went to the Amritsar with my Mamu and brothers. We saw golden temple, Jaliyawala bagh, Bagha border and enjoyed very much. We met some soldiers on Bagha border and talked with them.

After that we returned and went to our home in Bihar. My class has been started from 16 august 2010 so I joined my college on 15 august 2010.

I attended the first class on 16 august 2010, that day was only introduction day; that time  teachers were very good and Director’s name was S.S.bedi. He is very cool person. I went to classes regularly till second year.

After second year, when I went to six semester then some friends decided we make a club for our electronics branch after that we make a  club whose name is E-Byte (Electronics Byte) and now we are the coordinator of that club. In seventh semester, I became head coordinator of DSW. When i came to college no one knew me, but by this time I was the Head boy of our college.

DSW is the dean student welfare that is the head club of GGS College. All clubs are under our club.  So I can say I am the head of all event which occurs in GGS College. With the help of my friends- Mani raj, Nandan Poddar even more events occured in our College. Under us 17 coordinators were working. But I gained a lot of experience in management at that time of period. In seventh semester we made a major project for our group, project name was “College Surveillance Camera” and team member were Me, Mani, Nandan, Naiyar and kaushal.

We got  first prize in college and were awarded with 5000 bucks. Now I have joined Weblance company, which provides web designing, web development, SEO, JAVA and PHP training.  I am happy after joining this company. To Be Continue….