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Top 5 Taxi Games in Android

It’s time for our weekly roundup of new games for smart phones and tablets, this time covering iPhone, iPod, Android and Window Phone. The week’ pick of new and notable games spans driving, Taxi games and friend Read for the selection. The week’s pick up are of wand notable games includes racing/Taxi games are included for first time this week-they apply to the initial download, so when a games is “Free”, it may be well include in-app purchase the games.
Crazy GamesCrazy Games
Sega has posted its marvelous driver #Game Crazy Taxi to iOS and specifically the Dream-cast version of the games, complete with its Bad Religion and off springing soundtrack. As before the game invokes charging round a city collecting and dropping off passengers, while leaping ohm  hills whenever possible

Need for SpeedNeed for Speed
ES has released the latest incarnation in its street Racing franchise Need for Speed , with a careerist mix of high speed, dodgy cornering and vehicle customization. This time round, you can touch or tilt to steer for more thrills, and its ties in to EA’s Origin community for social feature and challenges.

Hell Fire

Hell Fire
Mobage’s latest social game seen you try to close the Gates of hell by harnessing Fire, water, Death an Earth. That’s accomplished by summoning creatures of varying ferocity and exploring 600 chapter of adventuring.

Bubble Island

Bubble Island
It’s been fun to see bubble popping emerging as a hot social hot game genre in 2012, if you had been playing incarnations of bust-A-move puzzle bobble for years and year. Bubble Island comes from Wooga, and has been a hug hit on Face book. As on there you will to make other disappear, while bagging power ups and competing against Face book Friend

Theme Park

Them Park
EA reinvented its theme park games as a ferry to play games for iOS earlier in the year, but now it’s available for Android too. You have to build your theme park, acquiring rides, stocking shop, and then trying to part punter from as much money as possible. In app purchases fuel your expansion plans.

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