Fine Gold and Silver Jewelry for that Rich and Expensive Look

If you wear expensive clothes or the most sought-after customized leather shoes and accessories, you will look classy. However, there is one thing that indisputably gives you a rich and expensive look – yes, you guessed it correctly – its fine gold and silver jewelry.

For a woman, the type of jewelry she wears makes a fashion statement that gives her a particular status in society. Today, even men have a penchant for gold and silver rings, and gold chains, which form an essential part of their wardrobe.

Here are some interesting facts about gold and silver jewelry:


Gold Jewelry

The most sought-after precious metal on this planet, gold has been used as currency since ancient time and was used to make jewelry since the reign of Alexander the Great.

The purity of gold used in jewelry differs, and can be classified as follows:

  1. 24 Karat: Purity = 99.9%
  2. 22 Karat: Purity = 91.7%
  3. 18 Karat: Purity = 75%
  4. 14 Karat: Purity = 58.3%
  5. 12 Karat: Purity = 50%
  6. 10 Karat: Purity = 41.7%

Based on the carats and the method used for manufacture, there are different types of gold jewelry. There are five types:

Gold Vermeil Jewelry: It is gold plated sterling silver, and usually 24 carat gold is used.

Gold-Filled Jewelry: Gold is bonded to a base metal, usually brass or nickel, where the gold content would be at least 5%, but with a pure gold surface, typically 18 carats.

Gold Plated Jewelry: A base metal such as brass, silver or bronze is coated with gold using a process of electroplating.

White Gold Jewelry: An alloy is formed by combining white metals like zinc, nickel, platinum and silver. The jewelry is usually plated with platinum or rhodium.

Rose Gold: Copper is combined with gold to give it a rosy hue.


Silver Jewelry

Like gold, silver also has a long history and even features in mythology. Silver is also a soft metal, mixed with other less-precious metals for durability. So, silver jewelry also has different levels of purity, usually stamped with the quality somewhere on the piece.

Sterling Silver: This form of silver has at least 92.5% purity and is usually mixed with copper. There are two main categories of sterling silver, 958 and 999 sterling silver. It is usually used to manufacture rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Fine Silver: .999 level of purity also called pure silver. Fine silver has a fine luster, but is not suitable for jewelry.

Silver Plate: Is a thin layer of fine silver placed over a base metal. Another name is silver tone. Although a good alternative to pure silver, silver plate degrades easily.

Nickel Silver: This is not silver, but is so named as it looks like the metal and is also very popular in jewelry, but do not be fooled into thinking you have bought real silver!

So, with so much useful information about gold and silver, you can add class to your attire by using fine gold and silver jewelry for that rich and expensive look!



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