Considering using a cab
There are several pros to traveling by taxi. After a long flight or just about any time you want to get around town quickly, you can hop into a cab. Taxi stands are found at International Airport, all major resorts and many popular attractions, like shopping malls. Cabs are speedy – as long as traffic is good – because they don’t have to make multiple stops, and no time is ever wasted with parking. Easy and convenient, they also reduce your risk of getting lost. The major con about taxi travel is that it can be expensive. But this only applies if you’ve come here alone. For families and small groups of three or more people, cabs tend to be the most affordable way to get to your destination.
newark airport cab serviceTip 1: Don’t try hailing a cab-: It won’t work. The only two ways to hire a taxi in Airport are to go to a stand or request a pickup. Likewise, don’t accept a ride from anyone randomly claiming to be a taxi driver.
Tip 2: Know the going rate. There is no negotiating of fares in Airport. When you set foot in a cab, the taximeter starts with an initial charge  $ charger is also added by taxis originating at  International Airport. This is why you’ll see increases on the taximeter even when you’re sitting still.  your rate will vary based on origination and flow of traffic. Since getting to your hotel from the airport is the most frequent journey made by visitors
Tip 3: Know your route. If possible, it’s a great idea to carry a map with you to your destination. A taxi driver is always required to take the most direct route, unless otherwise requested – and you can specify the path you want to travel. Be aware that when leaving the airport, use of the Airport Tunnel is never the shortest route to Strip-area hotels. In fact, if a driver takes passengers that way, without their permission
Tip 4: Be able to pay. Some cabs in Airport accept credit cards, while others only take cash. Check with the driver before you get in. All money must be paid in U.S. dollars. Foreign currencies are not accepted. If you don’t have cash for the fare and credit cards are not accepted, do not travel in the taxi. It’s illegal to do that.
Tip 5: Don’t light up. Feel like a smoke? You’ll probably have to wait. Smoking is rarely permitted in cabs. It’s illegal for drivers to smoke or use tobacco products when passengers are present as well.


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